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Flamm Industries is a full service company specializing in waxed boxes, building waxing machines, and wax machine maintenance/wax machine consulting. We have been in the paper and waxed boxed business since the 1970’s. 

Specifically, we provide waxed box orders ranging from produce, fish, poultry, stone and rocks, pipes, flower trays, and anything else needing a wax coating to withstand harsh field environmental factors like heat, cold, ice, and water. We can shrink wrap entire units of boxes and even ship back out on pallets. Our warehouse has ample room to store your boxes or if it’s “just in time” shipping you desire we can accommodate as well. We can have a typical load of 30,000 boxes unloaded, waxed, re-bundled/re-unitized and loaded back on a trailer in as little as a few hours. The customer is our main concern and we aim to provide a good, quality product at a fair price.

In addition, we can design, build, and install waxing machines for businesses looking to capture a bigger piece of the paper market. If running paper at your mill is on your agenda then waxing should be part of your operation as it will increase paper production with every order fulfilled. Typical construction of a machine is about 4 months from start to finish.

Finally, Flamm Industries is the best in the business when it comes to wax machine maintenance. Let us put our years of expertise and a keen eye to the subtle details of waxing operations to work for you. If your goal is to increase net overall production and trim overhead then we are up for the challenge of streamlining your wax operation(s).